Ranking The 2012-2013 Philadelphia Flyers: #6-4

By David A. Cattai
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Part eight of the Philadelphia Flyers‘ player rankings moves the focus from role players to three of the most important players in the entire organization. These three players play meaningful minutes for the Flyers and help dictate an outcome of a game.

6. Daniel Briere (RW): Briere is the definition of a warrior in the NHL. Briere has had so much success in the NHL that it is usually forgotten that he is just 5’10” and 179 lbs. Smaller players rarely have any success against bigger and stronger players, but Briere is different. Briere feasts on goalies with his shot, which may be one of the most accurate in the entire league. Ever since he was signed by the Flyers, Briere has failed to disappoint. His playoff performances are the reason that Flyers’ fans do not fret if Briere does not have a strong regular season. After recording 49 points in 70 games last season, Briere broke out in the playoffs with 13 points in 11 games. For the Flyers to be successful, in what looks to be a shortened season, Briere needs to continue to be clutch for the Flyers.

5. Jakub Voracek (RW): It seemed that the Flyers had a whole group of players who has career seasons in 2011-2012. Voracek was indeed one of them. In his first season with the Flyers, Voracek recorded 49 points, which was one off of his career high. Voracek performed very well in the playoffs. He recorded 10 points in 11 games. With the absence of Jaromir Jagr, Voracek was most likely going to fill the void on the first line. If the Flyers want to be successful, Voracek needs to use his puck handling and passing ability to help feed Scott Hartnell and Claude Giroux as well as feed off of them in order to put up big numbers.

4. Kimmo Timonen (D): With all of the youth that the Flyers have on their roster, it is easily forgotten that Timonen is still in Philadelphia. Timonen is the oldest active player on the Flyers roster. For the Flyers to be successful in a shortened  season, Timonen needs to stay healthy. If the season is shortened to about 50 or less games, then the Flyers are in luck because Timonen has never played less than 50 regular season games in his entire career.

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