NHL Rumors: Are Claude Giroux and Scott Hartnell Growing Lockout Beards?

By Steve Palumbo
Christopher Szagola-US PRESSWIRE

In one of the weirdest twists of irony to come out of professional sports in quite some time, Philadelphia Flyers stars Claude Giroux and Scott Hartnell have decided to use one of the NHL’s  greatest traditions to protest the lockout.

Giroux took to twitter to inform the rest of us that he and his teammate, Hartnell, planned on growing out their facial hair until the lockout finally comes to an end.

As many of you already know, the NHL playoffs have long been connected to the tradition of players refraining from shaving facial hair during the Stanley Cup playoffs. Considered to be an act of solidarity or “oneness,” it is usually reserved for teams ready to make a long playoff run.

The New York Islanders of the early 1980’s are credited with being the originators of the “playoff beard.” Now it looks as though Giroux is set to become the first person to start growing a traditional “lockout beard.” Since the league has seen its fair share of labor problems over the years, (three lockouts since 1994) Giroux and Hartnell may be onto something here.

There is just one little thing NHL players may want to consider before putting away their razors. A run toward the Stanley Cup Final is approximately two months long; this lockout has no end date in sight. Anybody that has grown a beard knows it can itch like a mother as it grows. I’m not sure what will be worse – dealing with the lockout or itching while dealing with the lockout.

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