NHL Rumors: Patrick Kane Wants To Play With Jonathan Toews In Europe

By Randy Holt

As of right now, no members of the Chicago Blackhawks have headed off to other teams, or even mentioned plans to.  Much of the team has been practicing at their regular facility, in informal practices led by Jonathan Toews.

On Wednesday, Patrick Kane and Dan Carcillo joined in on the fun for the first time since these practices began.    And while right now most members of the team are planning to stick around for a bit, there are quite a few that could be headed elsewhere to play during the lockout.

The potential destinations for Kane and Toews will be a focal point once members of the team actually start planning the jump overseas.  Both have said they’d consider it, but neither seems to have put too much thought into the idea to this point.

Kane did say, however, that if he and Toews were to head over to Europe, he’d like to play with the same club as the captain.  That shouldn’t come as a surprise, given that the two have been close friends in their time in the organization, as well as linemates, prior to Kane making this silly transition to center.

I’ve already commented on the fact that it would make sense for Toews to stay on this side of either ocean, rather than go to Russia or any other country to play, simply because of his recent concussion history.  The extra rest could benefit him.

Kane is a different story.  He’s been something of a disappointment the past couple of seasons, at least by his standards.  Some time in a league, like in Sweden or Finland, could do him some good.  Let him build up some momentum in his game before the players return to hopefully begin the season within the next couple months.

Regardless, we’re not likely to hear much about either player going anywhere for at least the next couple of weeks.  However, once they start looking into it, it will be a big storyline for this organization.

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