2012-13 NHL Season: Looking at Five of the Top Hated Players

By philrudak
(Bruce Fedyck/US PRESSWIRE)

Since the NHL is on lockout, there are always those players that you are not looking forward to seeing in the up coming season when your favorite teams plays them.

Raffi Torres of the Phoenix Coyotes 

Raffi has been a player for the past few years that has been getting into trouble with the illegal hits that he has put on other players. The most notable suspension was this past season when he hit Marian Hossa of the Chicago Blackhawks considering it gave him a concussion that kept him out for the rest of the NHL playoffs. Raffi was suspended for 25 games for that hit and while many people think that the suspension was too much, some say that it wasn’t enough since he’s a repeat offender when it comes to suspensions in the past for his brutal hits on other players.

Roberto Luongo of the Vancouver Canucks 

Other than the Stanley Cup run that they had in the 2010-2011 season, Luongo is one of those players that plays good during the regular season, but not as much during the playoffs. He’s a player that is getting paid way too much and not producing like he should. He is a player that can get upset about the team and other players that get in his way while playing. We have seen in the past were he plays terrible in the playoffs and gets replaced by the backup goalie, Cory Schneider. You seem to wonder if he was ever worth all the money that he gets paid to be taken out of game when he plays really bad. He’s one of those players that gets frustrated easily and gets in a different world of his own when he falls apart.

Chris Pronger of the Philadelphia Flyers

Pronger is one of those players that you either love or hate. He has been playing for about 18 seasons with numerous teams and he has been a dynamic player for the teams that he has played for. However, Not many players and fans appreciate his style of play. In other words—he’s one of those players that is only appreciated if he’s on your favorite team.

Pronger plays dirty against other players and always looks confused when he does something wrong on the ice. Even in post-game interviews, he has a smart mouth attitude towards other players and reports.

Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks

Kane is a young skilled player with a child’s attitude.  He’s a very skilled player on the ice and is nice to the fans but sometimes he can be a baby about things on the ice and I know that players get frosted. However, Kane is one of those players where his attitude isn’t reflecting his play. Over the last three season’s, his numbers have gone down which shouldn’t be like that at all.

With all the fun that Kane has had in the past with all of his drunk pictures that have been taken of him, it’s just not good for him or the Blackhawks organization. We know that he is young and wants to go out and have fun but he also has to remember that many people respect him as a person and a player. There are young fans that look up to him and when people see what he has been doing–it makes you think differently about him.

Alexander Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals

Ovechkin is a player that can score and also isn’t afraid to hit players either. However, sometimes his play reflects his attitude on the ice and he ends up doing stupid things to either get a penalty or even get suspended for careless acts. Off the ice, he is a respectable player and does anything for the Capitals organization but he’s one of those players where you know he is a skilled player—it’s just his attitude that most players and fans can’t stand.



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