NHL Lockout: Don't Count On Jonathan Quick Leaving For Europe

By Randy Holt
Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

As NHL stars book their flights to head overseas during this lockout, there are still several players weighing their options for a contingency plan during these times. Quite a few big names still remain stateside, and could choose to do so until things begin to look very dire in the winter months.

We’ve already seen one of his teammates leave, in Anze Kopitar, but one player that could be here for the long haul is Los Angeles Kings goaltender Jonathan Quick.

Quick had an unbelievable season last year, winning the Conn Smythe Trophy as the playoff MVP and should have won the Vezina Trophy as well, for top goaltender in the league. He carried this team throughout much of the season, quite literally, given their offensive struggles. It was a year that surely took a lot out of him, especially playing into June.

Add that to his recent back surgery, which was a minor procedure, but left his status for training camp a bit up in the air. Recovery from the operation was expected to take six weeks, but when it’s something with a back, you really don’t know.

The lockout, provided it’s a short one, actually benefits Jonathan Quick in that way. He has some extra time to recover and has no obligation to try and rush back onto the ice.

It’s that surgery that I think could prevent Quick from heading overseas as well. If we’re talking December or January and there is still nothing close between the players and owners, then it’s a different situation. But as of right now, given his long season last year, as well as his back surgery this summer, I’d expect Quick to take advantage of some of this extra time during the lockout.

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