Roberto Luongo To Blackhawks Would Be A Fun Experiment

By Randy Holt
Anne-Marie Sorvin-US PRESSWIRE

Let me preface this by saying that the Chicago Blackhawks have long been rumored to be out of the Roberto Luongo sweepstakes. Once the new NHL season begins, it’s very likely that he’ll be dealt to one of the Toronto Maple Leafs or Florida Panthers, if at all.

But that hasn’t stopped me from dreaming about the possibility of Luongo sporting a sweater with the indian head on it. It’s a rumor that frustrated and outraged many fans of the Blackhawks. However, I think this is a deal that would be a blast to watch.

Think of it as something of an experiment. Luongo has been known to have issues against the Hawks, particularly when he’s playing at the United Center and hears that familiar tune, “Chelsea Dagger.” It would be extremely interesting to watch how he handles being on the good side of the Hawks’ goal song.

Another aspect would be how the fans and team takes to Luongo. Some have already done a 180 on him thanks to some recent quotes and his alleged Twitter feed (@strombone1), and I’d be willing to bet that after he saves a couple of games in the way that Corey Crawford failed to do last season, most would follow.

I’ve been pretty supportive of Crawford during his struggles last season and all throughout the summer, as trade rumors flew all around. But Luongo would be a fantastic upgrade, and would be a transaction ripe for it’s own 24/7 special on HBO. The only negative would be his contract.

Is a deal going to happen between the Hawks and Vancouver Canucks? That’s highly unlikely and probably impossible at this point. But the prospect of a potential deal, assuming the Hawks had some interest, is still exciting, if not a complete fantasy. Watching that unfold and examining the different aspects of the transition would almost make this lockout worth the lost time.

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