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Washington Capitals Tickets: The Price Of Admission


With the NHL lockout in full effect, most teams have began cutting hours of their employees and laying off numerous workers. Tickets sales will likely cease, because many fans aren’t sure when the season will begin, if it does at all. But, when and if it does Washington Capitals fans will surely be lining up at the box office at Verizon Center, the Capitals home arena.

With the economy at its current state, the big question is can middle class families afford to go to Capitals games? The Washington Capitals have implemented “dynamic pricing”, which adjusts individual ticket prices based on ticket availability, league standings, rivalry games, day of the week andĀ opposing star players.

Dynamic pricing will encourage Capitals fans to purchase tickets earlier in the season, where they can get them at a lower price. When fans buy single game tickets, in esscence they will be paying market value based on various factors determined by computer pricing software.

Capitals season ticket holders will still pay the best price for tickets and single game buyers will still have the opportunity to purchase the same way, either online or at the Verizon Center.

Using this policy, Capitals fans will have to pay more for rivalry games like when the Pittsburgh Penguins come to the nation’s capital, than if Washington played the San Jose Sharks.

The Capitals website displays the prices for the upcoming season based on dynamic pricing. You can view the pricing chart here.

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