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Keeping Up with the Boston Bruins in Europe

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The NHL lockout is less than two weeks old, but already many NHL players have made temporary plans to play overseas and keep doing what they love—even if it is for less money in foreign countries where they might not speak the language and may not earn nearly as much as their NHL contracts. It can be hard to keep track of where everyone is going, what colors they will wear and what their position is even called in the non-English languages of their new temporary home bases.

As of this writing, six different Boston Bruins have officially made plans to play elsewhere. Some of them, like Tyler Seguin, have already arrived at their destinations, although they may not have played their first games yet due to that common scourge of transatlantic travel, jet lag. Plus, their NHL permission papers may not have arrived yet, which will also keep them off the ice until that is settled as well.

Here is a quick breakdown of each Bruin, their European team, some basic information about the team and even a small vocabulary lesson: how to say what position they play in whatever language is most commonly spoken in the area.

More Bruins may choose to depart for Europe (though there are also hockey leagues in Asia and Australia, they are lesser-known destinations) and wait out the contentious negotiations between the NHL and NHLPA. If they do, they'll be added here—as will their position in the non-English language, whatever it may be.

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Andrew Ference

Jason O. Watson-US PRESSWIRE

Andrew Ference

European team: HC Mountfield Ceske Budejovice, Czech Extraliga, Czech Republic

European team website: http://www.hokejcb.cz/

European team facts: Founded in 1929, HC Mountfield's only touch of championship glory came in 1951, far before the Extraliga existed as it does today and back when the Czech Republic was still part of Czechoslovakia. A "crisis" that coincided with the last NHL lockout saw Mountfield demoted to the second-tier league, though they did win that league's championship and come back to the Extraliga. During that crisis year, though, Ference played out the lockout with Mountfield. Note that Ference will leave for Ceske Budejovice in early October.

European team record to date (2012-13): 3-2-0

Ference is a defenseman. In Czech, defenseman is obránce.

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Anton Khudobin

Marc DesRosiers-US PRESSWIRE

Anton Khudobin

European team: HC Atlant Moscow Oblast, KHL, Russia

European team website: http://www.atlant-mo.ru/

European team facts: Founded in 2005, Atlant (for short) plays in the KHL's Western Conference and is located near, but not in, the city of Moscow. The ages of the team players span exactly 20 years: 41-year-old Sandis Ozolins is on one end, 21-year-old Roman Rukavishnikov is on the other. The KHL season started at the beginning of September and Khudobin has already had a chance to play in games with his temporary new team, playing in three games and putting up a 2.08 goals-against average with a .947 save percentage. He was the goaltender of record for a 5-2 win over Spartak Moscow on Sept. 25.

European team record to date (2012-13): 6-2-1

Khudobin is a goaltender. In Russian (Cyrillic lettering), goaltender is Вратарь. Also in Cyrillic, the team's name is ХК Атлант Московская область.

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Rich Peverley

James Guillory-US PRESSWIRE

Rich Peverley

European team: JYP Jyvaskyla, SM-liiga, Finland

European team website: http://www.jypliiga.fi/

European team facts: Founded in 1977, JYP has been party to a partnership agreement with the Bruins since 2010. As the defending SM-liiga champions, JYP is looking to keep up a good record. If the age gap of players on Atlant looked big, JYP has an even bigger one: the youngest player is 19, the oldest 41--the oldest could conceivably be the youngest's father! JYP is also a rather diverse team, boasting four Canadians (including Peverley), a Czech, a Slovak, an American and a Frenchman among its mostly Finnish lineup.

European team record to date (2012-13): 4-0-1

Peverley is a forward. In Finnish, forward is hyökkääjä.

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Tuukka Rask


Tuukka Rask

European team: HC Skoda Plzen, Czech Extraliga, Czech Republic

European team website: http://www.hcskoda.cz/

European team facts: Founded in 1929, Plzen has seen a lot of history: the breakup of Czechoslovakia, the formation of the Extraliga and, of course, changes in the style of hockey playing. The team has changed its name 13 times, mostly to reflect the addition of a new sponsor (car company Skoda is the current sponsor), though in 2009 the name was HC Plzen 1929 to refer to the team's 80th anniversary. The team won the Tipsport Hockey Cup in 2011. Plzen plays in the city known for its historical brewing of Pilsner beer. Rask has not yet played for Plzen due to jet lag and a need to train with his new teammates.

European team record to date (2012-13): 3-2-0

Rask is a goaltender. In Czech, goaltender is brankář.

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Tyler Seguin


Tyler Seguin

European team: EHC Biel, Swiss Nationalliga A, Switzerland

European team website: http://www.ehcb.ch/

European team facts: Founded in 1939, Biel plays in a part of western Switzerland that is bilingual in German and French. A streak of championship wins from 2006 to 2008 in the Nationalliga B--to which Biel was demoted after poor playing records in A--brought Biel back to the top league. Biel also has a 20-year spread between player ages, from 19 to 39, and the addition of 20-year-old Seguin will boost the youth corps. Seguin has already arrived in Biel/Bienne, the legal name of the city, and has watched and practiced with Biel, but has yet to play.

European team record to date (2012-13): 3-2-0

Seguin is a forward. In German, forward is stürmer. In French, forward is attaquant.

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Dennis Seidenberg

Timothy T. Ludwig-US PRESSWIRE

Dennis Seidenberg

European team: Adler Mannheim, Deutsche Eishockey Liga, Germany

European team website: http://www.adler-mannheim.de/

European team facts: Founded in 1938, Adler is fairly well-acquainted with championship glory, having won the German Cup twice and been German champions six times. For Seidenberg, playing with Adler is a brotherly thing: his younger brother Yannic, a forward, reportedly persuaded big bro to join him in Germany in case of an NHL lockout. (Marcel Goc, who will also be with Adler during the work stoppage, also has a younger brother on the team.) The elder Seidenberg has been with Adler before, so he is returning to familiar territory.

European team record to date (2012-13): 3-1-0

Seidenberg is a defenseman. In German, defenseman is verteidiger.