NHL Rumors: Nick Lidstrom to Become Coach?

By Peter Schneider
Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

It has not even been an entire offseason since the Detroit Red Wings captain Nick Lidstrom retired, and there is already speculation on the future of his career in hockey.  Lidstrom was already offered and has accepted an offer by the Red Wings to remain a part of the staff as a hockey scout in his native Sweden.  He will assist some of the highly regarded scouts that the Red Wings have throughout Europe and specifically Sweden in finding special defensive players.  However, the next NHL season has not yet begun and there is speculation about Lidstrom at one point taking on a role as a coach.

He was recently asked about how he feels about the current lockout and what exactly his plans are for the coming years in Sweden.  Lidstrom claims that some general managers in Sweden have asked “feeler” questions about the future hall of famers role within the NHL and the hockey world.  At the moment, he is happy being a scout and taking time to watch his son play hockey in Sweden.  The more he watches, however, it could lead to a certain itch to get closer to the ice surface yet again.

There is little doubt the former Wings captain could be a great coach. Detroit coach Mike Babcock often said that Lidstrom was a professor of the game and that his hockey knowledge was greater than any other player on the ice.  Translating the hockey knowledge Lidstrom has in his soft-spoken way might be a challenge, but so is winning 7 Norris Trophies for best defenseman in the NHL.  If Lidstrom does look to start coaching, bet on him starting in Sweden in a couple years and see where it takes him from there.

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