Nik Kronwall and Jimmy Howard to Remain in Detroit for Lockout

By Peter Schneider
Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

It has been reported that as of now, both Detroit Red Wings starting goalie Jimmy Howard and top defenseman Niklas Kronwall will be staying in Detroit during the lockout.  Well, for now.  Both players are expected to be high impact players for the Red Wings this upcoming season, and neither feel an urgent need to head overseas or sign a lockout-based contract just yet.  Howard has been the Wings number 1 between the pipes over the past three seasons and will need to support a Wings defensive corp without Nick Lidstrom for the first time in his career.  The same can be said for Kronwall, as many look to him to step up this year into an elite defenseman role and lead the Wings blueliners.

With both men staying it does put some hope that the NHL and NHLPA will figure out a new agreement sooner than later.  The two sides have recently met and were able to pound out some agreements on smaller matters (not those including shared revenue, mind you).  On the other hand, both Kronwall and Howard admit that if the lockout were to continue throughout all of October, they would indeed be listening to more offers.

Many around the league and specifically around Detroit are hoping that offers from Europe will not be necessary.  As rewarding as it was to see Detroit’s Pavel Datsyuk’s soccer-style header in the KHL, it will be much more rewarding to see him doing it at Joe Louis Arena in the red and white winged-wheel.  Fans have been seeing Red Wings, new and old, around the Detroit metro area in restaurants, cafes, and malls, but are ready and waiting to seem them back on the ice.

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