Taylor Hall Headed To Oklahoma City?

Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

Taylor Hall is expected to be cleared to be sent down to the Oklahoma City Barons once his injured shoulder is cleared to play. Earlier in the month it was said that Hall may not be able to head to the farm because he was not on the initial list the Edmonton Oilers had sent to the NHL in order to play in the AHL during the lockout. Apparently that will be all worked out and Hall will be able to become a part of the Oklahoma City Barons while the NHL lockout is in effect.

Taylor Hall is back skating with WHL junior club, the Edmonton Oil Kings, but has not been cleared for contact as of yet. By the sounds of things, he isn’t too far away from game action but still needs to get back into physical shape and have his shoulder pass the litmus test.  Once he achieves these goals, he will be cleared to head down the Oklahoma City and play games in the AHL.

Once in OKC Hall should be reunited with other super youngsters in Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Jordan Eberle and become a very dynamic line in the AHL. The player that may be hurt by this move is Teemu Hartikainen, as it will take him out of a scoring role and put him down the depth chart. Hartikainen will have to find a way to make an impact through other means.

Hall being sent to Oklahoma City gives the Barons another dynamic weapon. The Barons team is becoming more stacked by the day and should become a very entertaining team to watch while the NHL lockout is rages on.

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