NHL Cancels First Two Weeks of Regular-Season Games: Which Bruins Games are Gone Now?

By Emma Harger
The first home-and-home between the Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens has been axed. Michael Ivins-US PRESSWIRE

After the NHL canceled the entire preseason schedule across the board, triggering more than $100 million in lost revenue, the league has now taken the axe to 82 regular-season games that were set to be played by all 30 teams in a span of two weeks.

These Boston Bruins games from Oct. 11 to 24, inside the two-week scope of games, have been canceled:

The last three Bruins games scheduled for October–Oct. 25, 27 and 30–are, as of this writing, still possibilities to be played.

People with tickets to the affected games may want to call TD Garden at 617-624-2327 or contact the other arenas for away games to figure out what to do next.

Twitter is already lighting up with responses from fans, reporters and agents about the cancellations.

“I would like to hear from people. Does anyone feel the NHL actually feels bad for the fans?” asked Allan Walsh.

“I’m noticing most of the fans taking note of the middle finger given to them by the league. Again,” said Joe Yerdon.

“Here’s a disturbing stat: NHL players have been locked out for 20 days. “Negotiations” have taken place on 4 of those days,” said Josh Yohe.

Wil Wheaton, actor and devoted Los Angeles Kings fan, had something a bit more explicit that I can’t reprint here to say about Gary Bettman when he retweeted Reuters’ tweet about the cancellations.

Adam Proteau took a melodic approach: “Imagine there’s no Bettman/It’s easy if you try/No Jacobs, or Snider/A fair split of the pie/Imagine all the people/Playing games in peace”

Pierre LeBrun noted that, if there are future cancellations, they may not come in two-week blocks. “Will depend on temperature of bargaining talks, etc.”

Jack Edwards, who is basically unemployed right now since he calls Bruins games, quoted an unnamed source. “To quote one of my favorite hockey people, “The NHL may not have invented shooting itself in the foot but it certainly has perfected it.””

Plus, a Bruin who has not yet made European playing plans–and may not because of his pregnant wife–chimed in too. Milan Lucic: “Can’t believe it’s come down to this. We should be negotiating and playing the season at the same time. Unfortunately some feel we need to lose games as strategy to bargain the new cba.”

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