Will Jonathan Quick's Back Surgery Hold Him Down In 2012-2013?

By Randy Holt

As incredibly similar as the term “minor back surgery” is, that’s exactly the type of procedure that Jonathan Quick underwent earlier this summer. The Los Angeles Kings goaltender underwent surgery to remove a cyst and disc fragments back in August.

Initially, Quick was expected to be ready for the start of the regular season. The surgery in early August was expected to come with a recover time of six weeks, which would have come in under the wire. Of course, that was before the league went into a lockout and delayed the start of the season.

Quick took home the Conn Smythe Trophy as the playoff MVP for the Kings, who took home their first Stanley Cup in franchise history. He was also a finalist for the Vezina Trophy, and probably should have won it. That’s a tough enough performance to follow up on its own.

That will be made even tougher as Quick has to do so while recovering from this surgery. Any sort of injury for a goaltender is tough to overcome, let alone something like this. Should we expect a drop off in Quick’s performance in 2012-2013?

Luckily (somewhat), the season has been delayed to the point where we don’t even know when it could begin. That benefits many of the Kings, simply because of how deep into the summer they played, but it should end up benefiting Jonathan Quick a great deal. He can take his time in his recovery.

If the season was set to start on time, a.k.a. this week, it would be a different story entirely. But with the extra time Jonathan Quick has to recover, there shouldn’t be an issue with him being back at full strength whenever the season starts. Quick will be back and right back in the Vezina race this season, assuming there is one.

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