Kyle Quincey to Return to Denver During Lockout Despite Falling-Out

By Derek Kessinger
Rick Osentoski- US PRESSWIRE

Kyle Quincey is set to return to Denver, hoping all is forgotten. The Detroit Red Wings defenseman will play for the Denver Cutthroats while the NHL is locked out. He is set to play for his former teammate Derek Armstrong, who will be the coach of the first-year CHL team. Quincey left the Colorado Avalanche under a cloud after being traded last February.

In a three-team trade, Quincey was sent to the Red Wings for Steve Downie from the Tampa Bay Lightning. Downie was, in fact, a lightning rod for the Avalanche late in the year. He was all over the ice and added a toughness and energy that was previously missing. For Quincey, he left Denver ultimately because of a logjam of defensemen, but he made it clear he was more than happy to leave.

“Everyone is ready to get shipped out any day,” said Quincey. “There’s a lot of guys, their bags are packed beside the door, and they wouldn’t be unhappy to go – trust me. I know I had a big smile on my face, and all the guys were jealous.”

Quincey also went on to criticize the team’s policy of not re-signing its own players. The Avalanche re-signed all of their players since, except for the curious case of Ryan O’Reilly, so the statement could go both ways. Quincey later retracted his comments.

However, Avalanche fans feel that Quincey threw their franchise under the bus and as a result appear to still be unhappy with him. The Cutthroats, set to take the ice next weekend, would like to bring Avalanche fans into the fold during the lockout. Quincey has said he wants to come back to Denver to serve the community, but how will the community receive him?


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