Anaheim Ducks' Prospect Nic Kerdiles Is Suspended By the NCAA

By Michelle Drinnenberg
Charles LeClaire- US PRESSWIRE

Nic Kerdiles was the Anaheim Ducks‘ second-round draft pick in the 2012 Draft. Little did ownership in Anaheim know that the clouds hovering over Kerdiles are now turning into quite a storm.

Before the draft, the hockey world was aware of the suspension that may be laid on Kerdiles by the NCAA— a suspension that is currently the biggest story in the prospect world. The Ducks still drafted the California native in an attempt to have the skilled, power forward establish himself as a top six forward on the team. I assume that the staff in Anaheim thought the suspension talks would’ve blown over by now, but they haven’t.

In the NCAA, a player can not have an agent but can have a “family advisor.” The difference being that an advisor doesn’t pay for anything for the player and has no sort of an agreement with him. In Kerdiles’ case, there have been incriminating photos on social media outlets that have, in a sense, put him on blast.

Even though it’s okay for agents to mention players’ names, they can not form any indication that they have a relationship with any player. Unfortunately for Kerdiles, there have been several pictures and tweets on twitter that have led the NCAA to believe that Kerdiles has some sort of an agreement with Pulver Sports.

It is said that in May, Alyonka Larionov — daughter of Igor Larionov — posted pictures of her and Kerdiles with Ian Pulver, John Walters, Tyler Seguin, Alex Galchenyuk, and Igor Larionov eating lunch. Since then there have been a few more incidents on twitter that have kept Kerdiles on the NCAA’s radar.

On October 8th, the NCAA announced that Kerdiles would be suspended for a year for “violations of its code of amateurism.” Subsequently, the University of Wisconsin has appealed the suspension.

As a fan of the game, it seems unfortunate to simply have a kid who is willing to put in the time and effort to play for his college get denied the right to do so. Kerdiles was a highly-touted draft pick and is one of the best to come out of the U.S. National Team Development program last year. I haven’t seen him blatantly do anything wrong –other then his friends posting pics of him — and yet he’s the one getting all of the backlash instead of the agency.

It’s cases such as this that leave colleges at a disadvantages over the major juniors when recruiting players.


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