It's The NHLPA's Move

By Dan Lizee

Word came down today that a 50-50 spilt in revenues was proposed by the NHL to the NHLPA, a sign that labour piece could be on the horizon. This is the first sign to fans that there could be hockey coming sooner rather than later. The thing that could become the snag is what the NHLPA comes up with in terms of a counter proposal.

If NHLPA decides that a 50-50 split isn’t fair and they want a bigger piece of the pie, say a 55-45 split, well, then this lockout isn’t going anywhere. At that point is when the NHLPA will firmly don the black hat. The question is will the NHLPA be willing to do that in order to gain a few more million dollars? The counter proposal will tell us exactly what the NHLPA is up to. Are they willing to bargain in good faith or are they trying to take the NHL for every loose nickel they have?

Both sides have preached that they want what’s fair. A 50-50 split is fair, although I’m not sure why it has taken this long to get to this number that everyone has been screming at both sides to get to. On the surface, it seems that both sides have been only interested in doing whats best for their side, with some ugly, lowball offers along the way. This is the first true olive branch extended from one side to the other. We will have to see where it leads from here. It’s the first true ray of sunshine in what has otherwise been a bleak automn for hockey. The NHL have decided that 50-50 is fair, will the NHLPA agree?

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