NCAA Hockey Referee Arrested in Alaska

By Michelle Drinnenberg

Peter Freisema is a hockey referee for the Western Collegiate Hockey Association and the Central Hockey League.

It was last Saturday when Friesema could’ve hindered any change he had at ever officiating in the NHL and simultaneously became the brunt of countless jokes. As Friesema was about to board a plane at Anchorage International Airport, the gate employee accidentally put Friesema’s luggage sticker on his friend’s bag. Friesema was told it wasn’t a big deal, but felt compelled to make a comment — a comment that could’ve been funny if it were said anywhere but at an airport.

If there is one word you have learned that you should not say at an airport since 9/11, what would it be? Most of us would blurt out the right answer knowing that there is zero tolerance for the word bomb. I guess Friesema never got that memo. Friesma, jokingly or not, made a comment about his friend’s bag having a bomb in it.

A comment that evacuated the entire airport and left passengers outside in the cold, Alaskan air.

Friesema was immediately arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. To make matters worse, the FBI is involved and is considering adding other charges such as making a terrorist threat. On Sunday, the judge ordered Friesema to stay in Alaska until further notice. Hopefully — for the sake of his future — Friesema doesn’t have many upcoming officiating gigs or his life may be in shambles soon after he sees the light at the end of this tunnel.

For now, I can only imagine how Friesema will react on the ice and in his personal life when someone makes a joke on him. “It’s not like I bombed the place” or “What are you going to do? Put a bomb in my equipment bag?” Oh, how the jokes (on him) are endless.

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