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NHL Makes Newest Proposal In CBA Negotiations


The NHL made it’s most recent proposal in collective bargaining agreement negotiations today and is awaiting to hear from the NHLPA on it. The newest offer reportedly has the NHL and NHLPA splitting Hockey-Related Revenue, 50-50 and has several altered additions to it the NHL has been trying to pass.

One of which is that they’re asking for 8 years to be required in the league before becoming an unrestricted free agent, down from the initial 10 they had proposed originally. It also states that there will be a maximum of 5 years on all contracts, also reported was that any long term contract currently exceeding 5 years would be counted against the teams salary cap for the full duration. If this were to happen it would most likely be a “penalty” of sorts to teams signing long term deals that are well past a players prime playing years.

The proposal also reportedly states that Entry Level Contracts will also be 4 years, up from the original 4. My guess for this is to eliminate arbitration, or at the very least reduce the amount of players that choose to use it, encouraging more to sign with their team. It would also make sure that those players could potentially play a minimum of 9 years for the team they signed the initial ELC with, should they choose to sign for the maximum of 5 years after the ELC expires, leaving more towards team loyalty.

The NHL hopes that the NHLPA accepts it’s proposal as it looks to preserve a full 82-game season, which would end up starting on November 2nd if a deal is made. Should the offer be rejected and negotiations continue beyond the 10 days that the NHL has stated they would leave the offer on the table, the league could face losing games in it’s season.

The above stated is strictly “reported” information, none of which has fully been confirmed as of yet. However it’s been reported from higher ups in the NHL and the hockey world, but could be subject to change.

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