Today in Boston Bruins History: October 19

By Emma Harger
David Krejci scores during the Bruins game on October 19, 2010. Geoff Burke-US PRESSWIRE

Boston Bruins history for October 19:

1946: The 1946-47 season opens with a 1-1 tie at the Montreal Canadiens.

1947: Another Bruins season kicks off, this time with a 3-1 win at home against the New York Rangers.

1949: The Bruins host the Chicago Black Hawks and get their first win of the season, 7-4.

1952: Another visit with New York results in a 2-2 tie.

1957: The Bruins travel to Toronto, but begin a losing streak with a massive 7-0 loss.

1958: Boston travels to Chicago and picks up a 4-1 win.

1961: A trip to the Detroit Red Wings doesn’t end well for the Bruins as they lose 7-3.

1963: During a road trip to every other destination in the NHL, the Bruins keep up a bad losing streak by dropping a game 2-0 to Montreal. They have lost every game on this road trip so far.

1966: The 1966-67 Bruins season begins with a 6-2 win over Detroit.

1967: A visit to the Motor City ends up with a 6-3 Boston win.

1968: The Bruins make the trip to Pittsburgh and defeat the Penguins 5-1.

1969: This time, the Penguins come to Boston for the second half of a home-and-home. The Bruins win 4-0 after a 3-3 tie previously.

1975: Boston gets a 3-0 win over Toronto at home.

1976: At the start of a six-game road trip, the Bruins lose 6-5 to the St. Louis Blues.

1977: Once again, the Bruins kick off a long road trip with the Blues, but this year things go better for the visitors as they win 7-3.

1982: The Bruins make a visit to Calgary to kick off yet another long road trip and come away with a 3-1 win.

1984: Another visit to Calgary in the midst of a road trip is not good for the Bruins this year because they lose 7-2.

1985: Once more, the Bruins find themselves in the land of the Flames during a road trip, but they get a 6-3 win.

1988: Coming off the team’s big 10-3 win on the 16th, the Bruins keep up a budding winning streak with a 5-2 win over the Winnipeg Jets.

1990: Perhaps a long road trip is starting to get to the Bruins. On their sixth stop of a seven-game roadie, they lose 8-1 to the Edmonton Oilers.

1991: The Bruins make their first-ever visit to the new San Jose Sharks and win 4-1.

1993: Nearing the end of another long western road trip, the Bruins drop their game 5-4 to the Vancouver Canucks.

1998: In the desert, the Bruins lose 3-1 to the Phoenix Coyotes.

2002: The Bruins find themselves in Edmonton, close to the end of a road trip–they have yet to touch home ice in the 2002-03 season–and they win 4-3.

2003: Boston, close to finishing another roadie, wins 4-3 over the Anaheim Ducks.

2006: This time, the Bruins invite the Flames to Boston for a game. The home team wins 3-2 on the strength of goals by Brad Boyes and two by Glen Murray.

2010: The Bruins cap off a two-game road trip following their Czech Republic two-game stint by beating the Washington Capitals 3-1. David Krejci, Milan Lucic and Matt Hunwick have the goals.

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