Alexander Ovechkin Smashes the Glass--With His Head

By Emma Harger
Alexander Ovechkin, seen here looking a little dazed after being knocked down, got dazed in a recent KHL game, but after smashing a pane of glass with the back of his head. Evan Habeeb-US PRESSWIRE

Talk about being hard-headed.

During a KHL game between Dynamo Moscow and HC Atlant Moscow Oblast, Alexander Ovechkin was seen delivering a check with a bit of shoving to an Atlant player over near the glass when he got turned around and fell backwards with the back of his head hitting the glass panel–

–and breaking it.

Dynamo’s coach Olegs Znaroks is shown in a close-up looking on with a little interest, and maybe even a hint of a smile, when the shattering happens. A slightly dazed-looking Ovechkin then heads off the ice to go get himself taken care of while the ice crew handles picking up the shards on ice and jovial fans jokingly wave at the crew with no glass separating them now.

But then the video and Russian commentary follows Ovechkin behind closed doors to where he’s getting the glass shards shaken out of his underclothes and uniform as well as having some first aid done on some cuts left behind by the glass. All tidied up, Ovechkin gives a little thanks to one of the trainers and gives his helmet–which moved up when he made impact–a once-over on the bench while coach looks on and then the two men laugh it all off before play resumes.

Dynamo went on to win 4-1.

Check out the whole show here:

“Alex was too Great for this glass in Mytischi Arena,” the Youtube video’s description explains in English.

The glass isn’t as sturdy as it sometimes appears and there have been other incidents of glass-smashing before. In 2008, Boston‘s Milan Lucic smashed Mike Van Ryn from Toronto into the glass, though not headfirst:

More recently, Zdeno Chara hit Ovechkin’s Washington teammate Marcus Johansson into a pane:

Tuomo Ruutu put a big hit on Hal Gill that loudly smashes two panes of glass beside Carolina’s bench and leaves the announcers stunned:

Jamie Benn checks Niklas Hjalmarsson into the glass right by where a cameraman and some of the Dallas ice girls are standing:

Hockey Day in Canada 2010 is a smash as Erik Karlsson breaks the glass after a hit by Benoit Pouliot:

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