It's Time For The Sides To Get Back To The Bargaining Table

By Dan Lizee
Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

A week has gone by since the two sides have swapped proposals.  On the surface, its good that things have gone quiet but on the flip side, its not good that either side is willing to budge from their stance. The players are looking for a sliding scale that will eventually end in a 50/50 split in revenue, while the owners are looking for an immediate rollback to 50% from the previous number of 57%. There are other issues such as revenue sharing and limits on terms of contracts, but this 50/50 split and how its going to be achieved is the biggest hurdle to cross. There are many of millions of dollars involved in each percentage, so one can understand why the fight for every percentile is crucial.

Someone is going to have to budge from their hard stance and give some concessions. The fact that they are this close to getting things resolved, it would be a shame if the season were cancelled when the two sides have gone quite far in meeting in the middle of the bridge only to head back to their sides. Right now, its just posturing on both sides, like a person sitting in a money tunnel, trying to grab as much cash as they can before the buzzer goes off. The NHL was hoping for a start date of November 2nd for the full 82 game season to be saved, but the longer the sides go without talking, the less likely an 82 game season will be played. As of now, there looks to be no hope of that.

What happens next? Who knows. What we do know is someone will have to bend a little more in order to get closer to a deal. But given the history of the NHL and NHLPA‘s head players, Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr, the butting heads could be going for awhile and it would truly be a shame if a season was scrapped altogether.


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