Gregory Campbell Does Police Ride-alongs

By Emma Harger
Just imagine this guy performing a routine traffic stop. Greg M. Cooper-US PRESSWIRE

It’s one way to stave off the boredom of being a locked-out NHL player–learn more about your community by participating in ride-alongs with the police.

That’s exactly what Gregory Campbell is doing while he’s not allowed to play for the Boston Bruins. He’s spending some time at night with the men and women in blue who serve the area of Roxbury, riding along with the gang unit. (He has a friend in the force who helped make the connection.)

“It’s something that fascinates me and I’ve always been interested in it,” Campbell told the Boston Herald’s Steve Conroy. He even drew some parallels between his job–well, when he’s allowed to do it, of course–and what the police do.

“I see lot of similarities with the locker room. There’s an lot of joking around like the locker room, but they’re focused on the job, they’re all in good shape. I can see a lot of parallels.”

Campbell has even considered going into law enforcement when his hockey career ends. It’s a career trajectory his linemate Shawn Thornton has also thought about and his tough but kind persona might suit that line of work well. However, Campbell has to think about his new wife and his family, plus what they would think about him switching jobs like that.

Maybe he’ll stick with just respecting them on a new level now after being out on the streets.

Meanwhile, Campbell has been practicing at Boston University with Daniel Paille, but both of them have been thinking more seriously about playing in Europe as NHL-NHLPA negotiations seem to be stalling like an old Zamboni. Campbell has reportedly talked to HC Mountfield, the Czech team Andrew Ference is on now. He’s starting to get a little bored with just practicing.

“For me, it was a wait and see game as it is for many players and I think that’s the approach that a lot of European teams are taking. Now is a critical time in negotiations they feel and we as players feel. To make a move right now when things could be close might be silly. But it’s certainly something that as time has moved on I’ve considered more seriously. I want to play. It’s hard to skate out here. It’s a little repetitive. I think game action would suit me well,” he told Conroy.

In the meantime, though, he and Thornton are slated to represent World at tomorrow’s Champs for Charity game outside Chicago.

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