Islanders Moving to Brooklyn: Still Islanders!

By Rich Currao
Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

New York Islanders Moving to Brooklyn

Unless you were in a fall-out bunker yesterday, then you must have heard that in 2015 the New York Islanders will be moving their 40 year old franchise to Brooklyn’s newest crown jewel, The Barclays Center.  Yesterday, Islanders’ owner, Charles Wang, along with NHL Commissioner, Gary Bettman and New York City Mayor, Mike Bloomberg, jointly announced that as of the 2015 hockey season the New York Islanders will be moving to Brooklyn.

While any relocation of a sports franchise is difficult on its’ loyal fans, this move has to be viewed as a score for the Islanders shrinking, yet rabid, fan base.  The last decade has been filled with talks of moving this once proud franchise to all points north of Mexico.  Kansas City lead the charge with promises of a new building and sweet heart deals.  However, Wang, turned out to be the biggest New York Islander fan of all as he pushed the Lighthouse Project with vim and vigor in an effort to keep the Islanders…well….islanders.  When that failed, he found another way:  The Brooklyn way.

True, the Islanders will no longer lace up on Long Island proper (Nassau/Suffolk counties), but fans will not have to travel over/under any river crossings to see them either.  Lets not forget that while Queens county and Brooklyn (Kings county) are considered New York City Boroughs, they still share the same 120-mile by 25-mile piece of glacial sediment as do Nassau and Suffolk counties.

When the Islanders begin their 25-year lease in Brooklyn in 2015 there will be no need for any fancy “Brooklyn Islanders” re-branding of the franchise.  They have, are, and should always remain the New York Islanders.  Why?  Because they are still Islanders playing hockey on the same piece of water-locked New York real estate that they have been playing on since 1972.

Don’t forget your are still Islanders.  Your dedicated fans deserve that much.

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