President Obama Urges End to NHL Lockout

By Emma Harger
President Obama, seen here taking in a basketball game featuring the US national team with Vice President Biden, urged the NHL lockout to end. Geoff Burke-US PRESSWIRE

President Barack Obama has always been an avid sports fan, especially of basketball–he plays every so often on a White House court and does his March Madness brackets–but on a recent visit to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, he also spoke about the NHL lockout.

After Obama and Leno spoke one-on-one about many issues, Leno said that he had taken questions from the audience and now wanted the president to answer them. Obama had not seen the questions before this segment.

There were a few good questions, but one from “Mike in LA” was meant for hockey fans everywhere.

“Can you pull some strings to end the NHL lockout?” he asked, causing some laughter and clapping and even getting the president to smile.

But once he was done grinning, he did answer the question.

“You know, I do have a comment on this. Every time these things happen, I just want to remind the owners and the players, you guys make money because you’ve got a whole bunch of fans out there who are working really hard, they buy tickets, they watch it on TV—you all should be able to figure this out. Get this done,” he said.

About a year ago, on a different visit to The Tonight Show, Obama expressed basically the same sentiment about a different lockout going on at the time, the NBA lockout.

Of course, that lockout then ended in time for Christmas and the NBA played a shortened season, but a season nonetheless.

Who knows if what the president said will have an effect on CBA negotiations, considering today is the league’s self-imposed deadline for further meetings but they don’t want to meet with the union. Still, it’s nice to know that the sports fan living in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue at least cares.

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