Today in Boston Bruins History: October 23

Patrice Bergeron scores his first goal in more than a year on this day in 2008. Greg M. Cooper-US PRESSWIRE

Boston Bruins history for October 23:

1946: When the Bruins tie it 3-3 with Toronto, a strange pattern appears. All three games so far in this season have been ties with ascending numbers. 1-1 in the first game, 2-2 in the second, 3-3 in this one.

1949: The Bruins wrap up a home-and-home with Montreal by tying the game 0-0. Following a 2-1 loss to their biggest rivals, maybe a 0-0 tie isn’t the most decisive game ever, but there you go.

1954: Another game with Toronto ends with another 3-3 tie! So many ties!

1958: On a visit to Detroit during a road trip, the Bruins lose 3-1.

1960: In what seems to be a common result on Oct. 23, the Bruins tie 2-2 with Chicago.

1966: This time, a home-and-home with Montreal ends with a 3-2 loss that followed a 3-1 loss the day before.

1973: The Bruins take a one-game road trip to St. Louis and lose 3-2 to the Blues.

1974: Just like last year, the Bruins go on a one-game roadie, but this time to Pittsburgh. They tie 5-5.

1975: Kansas City comes to town and defeats the Bruins 3-2.

1976: In the midst of a six-game road trip, the Bruins put up a 4-2 win in Los Angeles.

1977: The Bruins keep up that pattern of getting a tie on Oct. 23 by tying it 3-3 with Vancouver.

1979: The tying pattern keeps going with a 5-5 tie versus the Blues.

1982: On another visit to Vancouver, the Bruins come away with a decision this time–a 3-2 loss for them.

1992: A 6-3 win at Edmonton is the second in a row on a road trip four games deep at the time.

1993: Oh, look, another tie! The Bruins tie it 3-3 with Calgary.

1997: The Bruins get home from a long eight-game road trip and host the Tampa Bay Lightning, whom they tie 2-2.

1999: The fifth stop on a six-game roadie results in a 3-1 win over San Jose.

2001: The Bruins are shut out 2-0 by Toronto.

2003: Another 2-0 shutout loss comes at the hands of Carolina.

2008: This time against Toronto, the Bruins get a 4-2 loss. Patrice Bergeron and Blake Wheeler both score in the first period. This was Bergeron’s first goal in more than a year because he sat out much of 2007-08 with a severe concussion.

2010: Against the New York Rangers, the Bruins get something rare for October 2010–a loss, by a 3-2 score. Zdeno Chara and Nathan Horton score, but the lucky bounces head New York’s way more often.


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