Jack Johnson Tears into NHL Owners in Blog Post

By Krista Golden

Slowly but surely, the number of players expressing their opinions on the NHL lockout is increasing. Today, Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman Jack Johnson was added to that list.

In a blog post titled “Where’s the Honor?” on his official website, Johnson emphasized the short careers that hockey players have and the need to get a deal done quickly.

My window of opportunity to play professional hockey is limited. If I’m lucky, I can play until I’m 40. I have been training as a hockey player my entire life, and I know it is a privilege to play in the NHL. So each month, each week, and each game that is cancelled is an opportunity I will never get back.

He then went on to emphasize what players such as Jonathan Toews, Ryan Miller and Michael Grabner have previously stated: that the players want their contracts fully honored.

The concept that the owners are trying to dismantle existing contracts that they in good faith offered, signed, and committed to is appalling, unprofessional and disgraceful. I negotiated my own contract, without an agent, with the confidence and belief that the owner offering me that contract operated by the same convictions and principals [sic] as I do.

Unlike teammates Artem Anisimov, Sergei Bobrovsky, Nikita Nikitin and now Vinnie Prospal, Johnson is staying put, opting not to play overseas during the lockout. That may change as time goes on, but for now, Johnson is emerging as a voice for the Blue Jackets players’ frustration.

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