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5 Current Players The Philadelphia Flyers Could Have Drafted In 2005

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5 Current Players The Philadelphia Flyers Could Have Drafted In 2005

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The 2005 NHL Entry Draft will always be one to that is remembered. For the Philadelphia Flyers, the NHL Draft was just another memory that they would like to forget. The 2005 draft could be used as a building block for the NHL this season, if indeed the lockout causes the cancellation of the 2012-2013 season.

In 2004-2005, the NHL season was cancelled due to the lockout, so the draft order was determined by a combination of things. Teams were assigned either one to three (1-3) balls. These balls were distributed to the teams based on their playoff appearances and first overall draft selections over the past three years. Instead of keeping the same order throughout the draft and after the 30th overall pick, the next round would be "snaked" (as the NHL called it). This meant that the team with the 30th overall pick would then pick at number 31. The team with the 1st overall pick would then be slotted as the 60th overall pick. Due to the new CBA, the draft was also shortened to seven rounds instead of the nine round format from past years.

The Pittsburgh Penguins were one of the teams with three balls and were eventually selected as the team that would pick first in the draft, which would lead to the drafting of number one overall selection Sidney Crosby. Other teams that had three-ball chances were the Buffalo Sabres, the Columbus Blue Jackets, and the New York Rangers. The Flyers, on the other hand, had only one ball and eventually wound up with the 29th overall selection. The Flyers did not receive the luck of the draw in 2005. They drafted only two players in the first three rounds and selections Steve Downie and Oskars Bartulis were the only two players to ever play more than one game in the NHL. The Flyers did miss five above average players this year by the luck of the draw. If the 2012-2013 season is cancelled, they could be facing a similar situation with the next draft.

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James Neal


James Neal was selected in the second round by the Dallas Stars with the 33rd overall pick. Neal has been improving offensively throughout his career but his game finally skyrocketed last season when he recorded 81 points in 80 regular season games with the Penguins. He recorded a total of 6 points in the series against the Flyers.

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Paul Stastny

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Paul Stastny was also another miss by the orange and black. He was selected by the Colorado Avalanche with the 44th overall pick in the second round. Stastny has played in 427 NHL games and has recorded 228 points. Though he has only played one full 82-game season in his career, Stastny has been impressive for the Avalanche.

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Kris Letang

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The Flyers missed out on another defenseman with a lot of offensive talent when the Penguins selected Kris Letang with the 62nd overall pick in the third round of the 2005 draft. Letang has been dominant the past couple years from an offensive standpoint. He is also another player who has only played one full 82-game season but his point total is very impressive for a defenseman. In 350 games, Letang has a total of 171 points. His playoff total of points is 31 in 65 games.

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Keith Yandle

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Keith Yandle may be one of the most consistent defesemen in the NHL. He was drafted in the fourth round with the 105th overall selection by the Phoenix Coyotes. Over the past three seasons, Yandle has played in every single regular season game as well as every single playoff game. He has recorded 187 points in his regular season career but 141 of them have been in the past three seasons. Yandle was a key player for the Coyotes making the playoffs, he may be the key if they want to get back there again.

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Sergei Kostitsyn

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Sergei Kostitsyn has not played one full 82-game season in his career. So why is he on this list? Well, Kostitsyn has played in 307 NHL games and has recorded a total of 161 points in those games. What makes him special is that he was not drafted until the seventh round of the 2005 draft. Kostitsyn was selected as the 200th overall pick by the Montreal Canadiens. As a seventh rounder, Kostitsyn has recorded only one season in which he has had a negative plus/minus and that was negative three (-3) in 2008-2009.