NHL Player Tweets: Halloween Edition

By Michelle Drinnenberg

Happy Halloween, everyone!

To commemorate today’s holiday — All Hallows’ Eve — and to bring you happiness and entertainment during this dreaded lockout, I am going to share with you what NHL players tweeted during their Halloween festivities. Questionably the best part of Halloween is the pumpkin carving or dressing up in costumes, depending on your preference, and in this article you’ll find a mixture of both.

It’s nice to see hockey players are taking advantage of their free time by getting into the holiday spirit — there’s actually more to life then hockey. This year, players have the time to attend their friend’s parties, carve pumpkins with their family, and take their kids trick-or-treating. Below, is how certain players carved their pumpkins and what they dressed up as. Enjoy!

Carved Pumpkins:

Here’s Mike Modano keeping it retro and paying tribute to the team that drafted him — the Minnesota North Stars.

Steve Stamkos (Tampa Bay Lightning) is not only talented on ice, but he also is with pumpkin carving.

Jeff O’Neill can learn a thing or two from fellow players.




Here’s Henrik Lundqvist (New York Ranger) having some fun and tapping into his creativity.

Zach Bogosian (Winnipeg Jets) taking the easy route with the cowboy look.

Jack Johnson (Los Angeles Kings) thought if he looked like Captain America, why not try and dress up like him.


Brandon Prust (Montreal Canadians)pulling off the greaser look.

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