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Movember Movement on Twitter

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October is a month that raises awareness for breast cancer — awareness shown by donning anything that’s the color pink. People also go on breast cancer walks, wear pink ribbons or sport “Save the tatas” bracelets in an effort to show their support during this monthly movement for women.

Now November, also known as “Movember,” supports a different cause; prostate and testicular cancer.

Movember is a movement that is rapidly gaining recognition by men who grow mustaches in order to raise money to fund programs that are ran by the Movember site, the Prostate Cancer Foundation and the LIVESTRONG foundation. Unfortunately females like myself can’t grow a mustache, but we can donate to any family member, friend or stranger who is participating in the cause to show our support.

Again, George Parros’s name is surfacing as he is going full throttle with his support during Movember. Before Movember even started, Parros was already spreading the word of his involvement.

On Oct 29th he tweets a picture of his ex-teammate, Teemu Selanne, sporting some facial hair on his upper lip:

Parros is taking Movember seriously and sizing up his competition against fellow hockey player — his first opponent — Mike Brown who plays for the Toronto Maple Leafs:

As Movember approached, Parros shaved his ‘stache on the eve of the challenge:

Then on the first day of Movember, Parros sends a tweet out of Brown with a clean slate on his face:

Since then Parros has taken on Michael Rosenbaum — his second opponent who is known for being an actor on Smallville.


Before Movember started, Bobby Ryan tweets that he wants to show off his Irish side:

Other players have also shown their support such as Brad Lukowich — a defenseman for the Dallas Stars — who sends out a tweet pic of his daughter wearing a mustache:

Andrew Gordon — a right winger for the Anaheim Ducks — tweets his excitement for Movember:


Despite the Winter Classic being cancelled due to the lockout, there are bigger and more important facets of life that need attention. Instead of NHL players making things all about themselves, they are bringing the more important issues to our attention as they are directing their efforts towards a life changing cause and generating support and awareness for the month of Movember.

For more information throughout the season follow me on twitter @m_drinnenberg and on Facebook here.

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