This Election Day: I Vote for Hockey!

By Rich Currao
Frustrated NHL Fans Want Lock Out To End

Election Day Ignites NHL Talks!

On the day that the United States of America will exercise its fundamental right to elect either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, the NHL and the NHLPA have reconvened at the bargaining table in hopes of ending the 2012 NHL lockout .  Call it nostalgia in the democratic process that makes this country great.  Call it coincidence.  Call it a miracle.  Call it what ever you may.

The NHL lockout is now on day 51 as the estranged sides met on Saturday with those meetings lasting into Monday morning.  That is significant progress when you consider they have not spoken face-to-face  in 2 weeks.  Maybe current events have prompted this push to do what is right?  We have seen Hurricane Sandy decimate the lives of Tri-State residents.  We have read that millions were powerless while thousands still remain in the dark.  Gas dried up and fights broke out due to its shortage.  And now today, a Presidential election waits to dictate what will be for the free world.

Romney v. Obama: Election Day 2012

The good news is that these are obviously serious meetings.  They are about the 800-pound gorilla in the room…..revenue!  These are not the fluff sessions that they filled their time with last month.  They are fueled by the understanding that the hope of an 82-game season is dead.  They are fueled by the collapse and cancellation of the 2013 Winter Classic in Ann Arbor, Mich.  They should also be fueled by the understanding that everyone involved in this lockout is losing out.

The location of today’s meeting has not been disclosed.  So essentially, both the league and the players are going underground in an effort to “get ‘er done”.  If it takes getting out of the media’s hot light to get something constructive in place…great!

Go to Mars for all we care.  Just come back, and come back soon, with a done deal.

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