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Today in Boston Bruins History: November 5

Brad Marchand congratulates Tyler Seguin right after Seguin scores his first career hat trick. John E. Sokolowski-US PRESSWIRE

Boston Bruins history for November 5:

1942: Chicago brings the Bruins a 5-1 loss, so the Bruins have yet to win so far in 1942-43.

1944: On a visit to Chicago, the Bruins beat the Black Hawks 6-3.

1947: Again against Chicago, the Bruins get a 2-1 win.

1949: A meeting between rivals Boston and Montreal ends in a stalemate, a 3-3 tie.

1950: The Bruins lose 4-2 to Detroit.

1953: Coming off a zero-zero tie to start the home-and-home with Chicago, this time the Bruins win 4-2.

1955: The Bruins and Habs meet and the home-team Canadiens win 4-2.

1959: The Bruins win 8-3 over the Red Wings, their third win in a row in which the opponent scored three goals.

1961: The Bruins narrowly lose 4-3 to the Black Hawks.

1967: The Maple Leafs and Bruins tie it at two.

1969: Against St. Louis, the Bruins score four goals–but so do the Blues.

1970: The Bruins are shut out 2-0 by St. Louis. A year can certainly change things.

1972: Capping off their three-game West Coast swing, the Bruins win 4-2 over the Canucks.

1974: The Sabres and Bruins tie it at two.

1975: The Bruins take a 4-0 shutout loss to the Sabres. Strange how one year can change things.

1977: Meeting in Montreal, the Bruins lose 5-2 to the Canadiens.

1978: The Habs and Bruins tie it at one goal apiece.

1981: A 2-1 win for Boston over Vancouver preserves a win streak, extending it to three.

1983: The Bruins blow out the Habs 10-4.

1985: A visit to Quebec doesn’t end well for the Bruins as they lose 7-5 to the Nordiques.

1986: Against Buffalo, the Bruins lose 8-3.

1987: The Maple Leafs win 7-6 over the Bruins.

1990: On a visit to New York City, the Bruins win 3-2.

1991: The Bruins and Penguins each score five apiece, but tie at that.

1992: In winning 4-2 over New Jersey, the Bruins have now won all three of their most recent games with four goals.

1998: Boston takes a 4-1 win over Toronto.

2000: The Bruins lose 7-1 to Toronto.

2005: The Bruins beat the Penguins 6-3. Nick Boynton, Jiri Slegr, Joe Thornton and Patrice Bergeron all score (Slegr and Thornton twice apiece). Exactly half of those goals come on the power play.

2009: The Bruins lose 2-1 to the Canadiens in a shootout. Bergeron gets Boston’s only goal and does it with about a minute left in regulation to tie the game and force overtime.

2010: In Washington, the Bruins lose 5-3 to the Capitals. Michael Ryder, Nathan Horton and Shawn Thornton each score for the visitors and both teams replace their goalies mid-game.

2011: The Bruins put up a 7-0 shutout win against the Maple Leafs. Tyler Seguin scores his first hat trick, Milan Lucic has two goals and David Krejci and Gregory Campbell each score one of their own. Many of the goals are clustered close together–Seguin has his second and Lucic has his first just eight seconds apart, then Seguin finishes the hat trick and Krejci adds his goal 14 seconds later and Lucic’s second goal is followed by Campbell’s less than a minute later. Here is video of that first hatty:


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