NHL Rumors: Meetings Third Time a Charm?

By Rich Currao

Many people will tell you that bad things come in 3’s.  Most hockey fans who continue to suffer through the NHL lockout also continue to hold out hope that the tides of good fortune are changing.  The league and the NHL Players Association will meet again Thursday, again at an undisclosed place, for a third straight day.  Thursday’s meeting will add to the already 13-hours of chat time logged by both sides over the prior two days.

Very little regarding the subject matter of these meetings has been leaked to the public other than that both sides continue to discuss the “make-whole” provision.  This is the highly-debated crux of getting these players back on the ice.  To achieve this, the union is trying to make sure that the contracts that are already active are paid in full, as promised….as contracted!  Basically, to have the owners honor the contacts that THEY issued.

How do they get to that point?  Well, that is what is being discussed.  The good news is that the talks have been long and continuous, and that usually means both sides are getting down to brass tax and getting things done.  There was some limited chatter that the NHL may have reconstructed the Make Whole offer, but there has been nothing solid enough to corroborate that as both sides continued keep their mouths shut while burrowed underground.

Anticipation among the hopeful is that Thursday or Friday will be a big day for the NHL and its fans.  The thought process is that the players could be back on the ice for Thanksgiving weekend after a 2 week mini-camp.  Now wouldn’t that just make the already marvelous American weekend that much better?

Hockey for turkey day? “Gobble-Gobble”, we say.

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