What Do the NHL and the NHLPA Talk About All Day?

By Derek Kessinger

The picture of the negotiations in the NHL is something like a bunch of billionaire owners, millionaire players and handsomely-compensated executives (Comissioner Gary Bettman and Players’ Association Head Donald Fehr) climbing into an underground bunker to hash out the serious problems they have. The serious problems are, of course, related to money: a sum of some few hundred million dollars, which they have already probably lost over the course of this two-month lockout. So these people have climbed into a bunker for 20 hours this week over three days and plan to spend some more time down there today.

Things must be getting better in the NHL lockout negotiations then, right? Neither side wants to come out and say it, and in fact sources on the players’ side have said they are less optimistic despite the talks. In fact it appears that the two sides may be no closer to resolution in a lockout that has claimed the first two months of the season and the Winter Classic. So the question is, what are they doing all day?

Sidney Crosby is there, which means his boyish good looks have to be a subject, probably started by him.

Perhaps they made bets for or against the spread on Nate Silver’s New York Times Projections on the election.

Donald Fehr and Gary Bettman may reminisce that hockey is not their favorite sport. Fehr is a baseball guy and Bettman was a basketball man once-upon-a-time.

Perhaps they prank call Brendan Shanahan about his enforcement videos from last season. Look who’s suspended now?

These and many other subjects could be dominating their time. Perhaps after discussing the voting on the X-Factor today, they can find time to talk about revenue sharing and the salary cap.


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