Today in Boston Bruins History: November 11

By Emma Harger
Chris Kelly celebrates his 32nd birthday. John E. Sokolowski-US PRESSWIRE

Boston Bruins history for November 11:

1930: The Bruins open their 1930-31 campaign against the old New York Americans and win 1-0.

1933: Against the old Montreal Maroons, the Bruins lose 3-2.

1934: In Ottawa, the Bruins win 4-2.

1943: In Chicago, the Bruins lose 6-4, their second consecutive 6-4 loss.

1945: On the last stop of a three-game road trip, the Bruins put up a big 7-1 win over the Rangers.

1948: The Bruins win the second half of a home-and-home with the Detroit Red Wings, 4-1.

1950: Chicago beats Boston 4-2.

1951: The Maple Leafs and Bruins tie 1-1.

1952: By shutting out the Maple Leafs 4-0, the Bruins prolong their winning streak to three.

1953: The Red Wings and Bruins tie 2-2.

1956: Back home for the second half of the home-and-home with Montreal, the Bruins win again, 3-2.

1958: In Chicago, the Bruins put up eight goals for an 8-4 victory.

1959: Visiting New York kicks off a losing streak for Boston when they lose 6-3.

1962: The Bruins lose 4-2 to the Canadiens.

1964: On another visit to New York, the Bruins lose 4-2.

1967: Against the new Oakland Golden Seals, the Bruins win 2-1.

1971: The Golden Seals visit Boston and the Bruins win 5-2.

1973: The Canucks come to town and take a 4-2 loss.

1976: The Bruins and Islanders tie 2-2.

1978: In Detroit, the Bruins take a big 7-1 loss.

1979: The Bruins keep a win streak alive and extend it to four when they beat the Flames 6-3.

1980: In Detroit, the Bruins and Red Wings tie at four.

1980: Chris Kelly is born in Toronto, Ontario.

1982: The Bruins lose 3-2 to the Quebec Nordiques.

1984: The Blues come into town and give the Bruins a 1-1 tie.

1987: The Bruins go to Toronto and take a 3-2 win.

1988: Against the Rangers, the Bruins get a 4-4 tie.

1990: In Washington, the Bruins win 5-3 over the Capitals.

1992: On a short road trip, the Bruins lose 7-2 to the Sabres.

1993: Against Edmonton, the Bruins win 5-1.

1995: Toronto snaps a burgeoning Bruins win streak at two when they win 3-1.

1999: The Bruins take a 4-3 overtime win against Toronto.

2000: In overtime, the Bruins tie the Nashville Predators 2-2.

2002: The Bruins win 6-1 over the Oilers.

2003: Once again meeting with Edmonton, the Bruins win 4-3.

2006: Against Ottawa, the Bruins win 4-3. Glen Murray scores twice, Petr Tenkrat has a goal too and so does Patrice Bergeron.

2010: The Bruins lose 3-1 to the Canadiens. Zdeno Chara has the only goal for Boston.

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