Phoenix Coyotes Lease To Be Voted On November 27

By Jaime Eisner
Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

Phoenix Coyotes fans will get their vote, again. On Nov. 27th the Glendale City Council will vote on the new lease agreement with prospective buyer Greg Jamison according to Glendale councilwoman Joyce Clark.

The changes in the lease were agreed upon back in October and include a one-time 5-year renewal option, decrease in total cash payment over 20 year lease from $324 million to $320 million, total event requirements, event incentives and a lockout provision. The new lease also includes performance standards.

Clark sent Acting City Manager Horatio Skeete a written request requesting that the lease be put up for vote on the Nov 27th city council agenda. The request read, “In our previous conversations I have indicated my support for the current lease management contact with Hockey Partners LLC. I am presenting my request in writing that this proposed lease management contract be placed on the City Council agenda of November 27, 2012. In order to satisfy a previous court stipulation I am requesting that the proposed contract be made public no later than November 20, 2012.”

Skeete responded to Clark, in writing, later that evening saying, “I plan to bring this to the workshop on Nov. 20th and Nov. 27th for a vote.” The council is expected to vote 4-3 in favor of the lease. Council members Clark, Frate, Martinez and Knaack are expected to vote in favor of the lease. Council members Alvarez and Lieberman along with Mayor Scruggs are expected to vote against the lease.

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