Chicago Blackhawks: Jonathan Toews Finally Symptom-Free after Concussion

By Krista Golden

Brain injuries are as unpredictable as a wild animal. You’re fine one moment and having major problems the next, and symptoms can pop up months after you’ve been declared well again. It’s happened to Sidney Crosby, who took over a year to fully recover from the concussion he sustained after two hits in five days back in January 2011. Now Jonathan Toews can say he knows the feeling as well.

Toews was concussed during the Chicago Blackhawks’ game against the San Jose Sharks back on February 10 but continued to play until symptoms took him out for the last two months of the regular season. He returned for postseason play, but the Blackhawks were knocked out of the quarterfinals. Despite being cleared by doctors and passing NHL concussion protocol, he recently revealed that he wasn’t fully recovered, even as he skated in the playoffs.

In fact, he wasn’t even fully recovered from his concussion until this past week, when he went to the same chiropractic neurology clinic in Georgia where Crosby sought treatment. Lingering issues with vision and balance were noticed during his week-long stay at the Carrick Institute at Life University in Marietta, and Toews now feels that the treatments he received there have relieved him of those problems.

With his health no longer a main concern, Toews will now make a decision on playing in Europe. He’d been holding out with the hope that the lockout would be resolved quickly, but with that hope fading as each day passes, he must face the reality that he needs a place to play.

Wherever he plays, Toews will now be able to give a full effort to his game. Fans and Toews himself would expect nothing less.

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