Today in Boston Bruins History: November 18

By Emma Harger
Milan Lucic gets a natural hat trick. Greg M. Cooper-US PRESSWIRE

Boston Bruins history for November 18:

1926: The Bruins get their first shutout win by beating Detroit 2-0.

1933: In Montreal, the Bruins get a 2-1 win over the Canadiens.

1937: Visiting the old New York Americans, Boston takes a 2-1 win for their fourth of the season so far. They have yet to lose in the 1937-38 campaign.

1941: Facing off against the renamed and relocated Brooklyn Americans, the Bruins win 7-2.

1943: The Bruins take a trip over to Chicago, but lose 7-3.

1944: This time, the Bruins make a trip to Montreal, though it doesn’t pay off as they lose 6-3.

1950: The Red Wings defeat the Bruins 2-1.

1951: The Habs and Bruins settle for a 3-3 tie.

1954: Visiting Chicago brings a definitive 5-1 win for Boston.

1955: Another visit to the Windy City brings about a blowout as the Bruins lose 6-1.

1956: The Maple Leafs provide the Bruins with a 4-3 win.

1958: Just like three years prior, the Bruins are on the losing end of a six-goal blowout, being shut out 6-0 by Detroit.

1962: A bad streak for the Bs continues with a 3-1 loss to Detroit. Boston hasn’t decisively won a game (i.e. not tied) in this campaign since their opener back on Oct. 11.

1967: Boston wins 3-1 over New York.

1970: On a trip to Minnesota, the Bruins beat the old North Stars 8-4.

1971: The Bruins shut out the Vancouver Canucks 5-0.

1972: Visiting Long Island brings the Bruins a 7-3 victory over the Islanders, who are in their inaugural season.

1973: The Bruins face the old Atlanta Flames and win 5-2.

1976: The Bruins kick off a home-and-home with Washington the right way by winning 3-2.

1979: A 5-4 win over the old Hartford Whalers makes it seven in a row for Boston.

1982: Another trek up to Long Island brings a win for Boston–closer this time, 3-1.

1985: On a visit to Montreal to keep the rivalry going, the Bruins are dealt a 6-2 loss.

1987: Beating the old Winnipeg Jets 4-3 makes it a five-game win streak for the Bruins.

1988: The Bruins lose again, their second 5-2 loss in a row, this one to Detroit.

1989: The Bruins’ fifth win in a row comes 6-4 at the hands of the Devils.

1993: A definitive win streak ends at five when the Bruins and Flyers tie at five apiece.

1995: The Bruins win 5-2 over St. Louis.

1996: A 4-2 win over San Jose is Boston’s third in a row.

1999: The Rangers make the trip to Boston and the home team wins 5-3.

2000: The Bruins lose 6-1 to the Minnesota Wild in their first-ever game against one another.

2006: Against Washington, the Bruins win 3-2 in overtime. PJ Axelsson and Zdeno Chara score while Glen Murray gets the overtime power play game-winner.

2010: On the strength of a Milan Lucic hat trick and one more goal from Shawn Thornton for good measure, the Bruins shut the Panthers out 4-0. Tuukka Rask stops 41 shots. Here is video of Lucic’s natural hatty:

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