Today in Boston Bruins History: November 20

By Emma Harger
Patrice Bergeron puts away his first overtime goal in about three years. John E. Sokolowski-US PRESSWIRE


Boston Bruins history for November 20:

1926: In a visit to Chicago, the Bruins lose 5-1, their first loss of the season.

1928: In their first meeting with the Canadiens this season, the Bruins lose 1-0.

1934: The Bruins get a 1-0 win over Detroit.

1937: By winning 3-2 over Toronto, Boston extends a win streak to five. They have yet to lose a game so far this season.

1938: The Bruins defeat the Red Wings 4-1.

1941: In Chicago to start a short road trip, the Bruins lose 3-2.

1946: The Bruins beat the Maple Leafs 4-1.

1948: In Toronto for the second part of a home-and-home series, the Bruins and Maple Leafs tie at two.

1949: The Bruins get a 2-1 win over Montreal.

1951: The Bruins take a 2-0 shutout loss to Detroit, continuing a less-than-stellar month filled mostly with ties and losses.

1952: Visiting Chicago brings a 3-1 loss for Boston.

1953: The Bruins shut out the Black Hawks 2-0.

1954: In Toronto, the Bruins win 1-0.

1955: The second half of a home-and-home against Toronto ends with a 1-1 tie.

1960: A 3-2 Bruins loss to Toronto starts up another losing streak.

1963: In New York, the Bruins keep up a strange pattern of following a loss with a tie. They tie with the Rangers 1-1, the second time a tie came on the heels of a loss like this.

1966: The Bruins beat the Red Wings 5-2.

1971: In beating Chicago 2-1, the Bruins maintain a win streak that started three games previously.

1975: In their second tie in a row, the Bruins knot it up at two against the New York Islanders.

1977: The Bruins put up their first of three consecutive shutout wins when they down the Black Hawks 1-0.

1979: The Bruins keep a win streak alive when they go to Quebec City and win 5-3 over the Nordiques. This extends their win streak to eight.

1980: Against the old Colorado Rockies, the Bruins win 4-2.

1982: In Pittsburgh, the Bruins lose 4-3.

1986: The Bruins take a 3-1 loss to the Canadiens.

1988: A home-and-home with Detroit ends badly for Boston when they lose 5-4, which builds on their 5-2 loss in the first half of said series.

1991: Against Buffalo, the Bruins lose 3-1.

1993: The Bruins tie 5-5 with Philadelphia.

1997: A losing streak begins for the Bruins when they’re shut out 5-0 against Buffalo.

1999: The Bruins are shut out 3-0 by Washington.

2001: In Montreal, the Bruins take a 3-2 loss.

2003: The Bruins win 3-2 over the Capitals.

2005: Glen Murray and Patrice Bergeron score, but it’s not enough as the Rangers win 3-2.

2009: Milan Lucic scores in regulation and Bergeron scores in overtime–his first overtime goal in more than three years–to ensure a 2-1 Bruins win over the Sabres.

2010: The Kings beat the Bruins 4-3 in a shootout. Blake Wheeler, Gregory Campbell and Bergeron score in regulation, but then it takes six rounds of a shootout thanks to a goalie duel before the Kings finally put away a goal for the win.


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