Today in Boston Bruins History: November 23

By Emma Harger
Milan Lucic warming up before the game in Buffalo when he must answer the bell. Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

Boston Bruins history for November 23:

1926: The Bruins lose 2-1 to the old Montreal Maroons.

1929: Against the Maroons, the Bruins win 4-3, their fourth win in a row.

1930: In Detroit, the Bruins put up two goals, but so do the Red Wings.

1933: The Bruins beat the Red Wings 6-0, their second shutout in a row.

1937: The Bruins and Montreal Canadiens tie at 1-1.

1940: Visiting New York brings the Bruins a 2-1 win.

1941: In Detroit, Boston beats the Red Wings 4-2.

1943: The Bruins rack up an 8-5 win over Toronto.

1944: The Bruins beat the Maple Leafs 5-1.

1947: Boston and Montreal tie at two.

1949: The Bruins beat Toronto 3-1 to start a home-and-home series.

1950: In Chicago, the Bruins lose 4-1.

1952: The Bruins beat the Maple Leafs 6-5.

1955: A home-and-home with the Rangers ends less-than-ideally for Boston as they lose 4-0.

1957: The Habs beat the Bruins 4-2.

1958: The Bruins shut out the Canadiens 2-0.

1960: In New York for the first slice of a home-and-home, the Bruins lose 6-3.

1961: The Rangers beat the Bruins 4-3.

1966: A visit to New York sandwiched between two home games against Detroit results in a 5-4 loss.

1967: Boston defeats New York 4-2.

1968: The Bruins beat the Rangers 5-1 and get their third win in a row.

1969: A 2-2 tie with Montreal is the second consecutive 2-2 tie for Boston.

1972: The old California Golden Seals provide fertile ground for the Bruins to make it four wins in a row by way of a 4-2 victory.

1974: A 5-2 win over the Rangers makes it four in a row for Boston.

1975: In Boston’s third consecutive tie, they knot it at three with Toronto.

1977: In Buffalo, the Bruins shut out the Sabres 2-0, their second shutout in a row and third win in a row.

1978: In Boston’s second 5-2 victory in a row, they beat Buffalo by that tally.

1980: The Maple Leafs deal the Bruins a 5-5 tie, their second tie game in a row.

1985: Against Philadelphia, the Bruins get a 5-4 win.

1988: In Montreal, the Bruins take a 2-0 shutout loss.

1989: The Bruins shut out the Maple Leafs 6-0, extending their win streak to seven.

1991: Boston beats Buffalo by a 7-4 score.

1992: The Bruins beat the Ottawa Senators 3-2 in Canada’s capital city.

1996: In overtime, the Bruins lose 3-2 to Buffalo.

2001: The Bruins defeat the Vancouver Canucks 3-2.

2002: The Bruins beat the Sabres 4-1.

2005: A six-game losing streak comes to an end as Boston wins 5-1 over Toronto. Glen Murray scores twice, plus Patrice Bergeron, Shawn McEachern and Sergei Samsonov have a goal each. The Bruins were inspired by a scathing questioning of their work ethic and desire via team owner Jeremy Jacobs.

2007: Two Glens score as the Bruins win 2-1 over the Islanders. Murray and Metropolit have the goals.

2009: The Bruins beat the Blues 4-2. Mark Recchi, Milan Lucic, Blake Wheeler and Marco Sturm all score and Bergeron assists on every singly goal.

2011: In the first game between the Bruins and Sabres since the Lucic-Miller incident earlier in the month, the Bruins take a 4-3 shootout win. Lucic answers the bell with Paul Gaustad early on in the game–as expected–after being welcomed onto the ice with a chorus of boos from Buffalo fans:

Later on in the game, tensions get high again and even Zdeno Chara is involved in a scrum:

(“Don’t poke the bear!”)

Chara also scores, as do Brad Marchand and Tyler Seguin (his 12th goal of the season, surpassing his 11-goal rookie output). Then, Benoit Pouliot has the only goal in a five-round shootout.

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