Today in Boston Bruins History: November 24

By Emma Harger
Mark Recchi hits a big milestone. Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Boston Bruins history for November 24:

1931: In a meeting with the Montreal Canadiens to finish off a home-and-home series, the Bruins take a 7-1 win.

1934: The Bruins play an old St. Louis team–not today’s Blues–and win 4-1.

1935: By losing 1-0 to the Rangers, the Bruins keep up a strange pattern so far in the young 1935-36 season. Each game has been a shutout decided by just one goal.

1936: The Black Hawks come to town to finish up a home-and-home, but they tie the Bruins 1-1.

1940: In Detroit to finish up a three-game road trip, the Bruins tie with the Red Wings at one.

1942: This game with Chicago ends in a 5-5 tie after regulation because overtime is actually banned during this time because of World War II.

1946: The Bruins lose 4-2 to Montreal.

1948: In Detroit, the Bruins take a 5-3 victory.

1954: The Bruins lose 3-1 in New York City.

1955: By losing 5-0 to the Rangers, a home-and-home series with New York ends with two consecutive Boston shutout losses.

1956: In Toronto, the Bruins win 3-2.

1957: This game with Chicago also ends in a tie, this one two each, though it is of course unaffected by any wartime overtime bans.

1960: The Bruins lose 5-3 in the second part of a home-and-home with New York.

1962: The Bruins tie 5-5 with Montreal. Aside from a 5-0 win to open the season back on Oct. 11, Boston has yet to decisively win a game since.

1965: In New York for the first part of a home-and-home, the Bruins lose 4-1 to the Rangers.

1966: The Bruins put up their biggest win to date of the season, beating the Red Wings 8-3.

1968: Boston beats Toronto 7-4.

1970: The Bruins and the Blues tie at five apiece.

1971: In Philadelphia, the Bruins hold on to a winning streak by beating the Flyers 2-1. This makes it a six-game winning streak.

1972: Just like this time the year before, Boston holds on to another win streak when they beat the old Atlanta Flames 4-0. That makes it five wins in a row.

1974: Another late-November win streak stays alive when the Bruins beat the Vancouver Canucks 7-4. Now they’re at five consecutive wins.

1976: Yep, another late-November winning streak! The Bruins beat the Penguins 4-0, now having five consecutive wins under their belt. The last three wins have all been decided by the Bruins getting four goals, too.

1977: Guess what? Another late-November win streak, more to be thankful for, stays alive when Boston shuts out Washington 6-0. Now that’s four wins in a row and the last three have been shutouts.

1979: This time, a November winning streak is snapped by the Habs (boo!) when the Bruins lose 3-1. A nine-game win streak ends.

1981: The Bruins take a 3-1 loss to the Islanders.

1982: In Philadelphia, the Bruins and Flyers tie at four.

1983: The Bruins lose 6-3 to the old Quebec Nordiques.

1984: A 3-1 loss to Chicago makes it three losses in a row.

1986: In Toronto, the Bruins win 3-2.

1988: The Bruins snap a four-game losing skid by winning 2-1 over Philadelphia.

1990: Finishing off a home-and-home with Hartford, the Bruins win 4-3 after losing the first part 4-3.

1993: In Pittsburgh, the Bruins lose 7-3.

1995: Against Los Angeles, the Bruins manage a 2-1 victory.

1998: In Tampa Bay to take on both Florida teams back-to-back, the Bruins win 4-1.

1999: Finishing off a small Southern swing, the Bruins win 5-2 over Nashville.

2000: The Bruins lose 3-1 to the Carolina Hurricanes.

2001: The Maple Leafs deal the Bruins a 2-0 loss.

2006: Patrice Bergeron has the only goal for Boston as the Bruins lose 6-1 to the Hurricanes.

2007: P.J. Axelsson opens up the scoring, but then the Islanders answer with two goals over the course of the next two periods and win 2-1. This is the first game of a six-game roadie for Boston.

2010: Visiting the Florida Panthers brings a milestone for Mark Recchi: his 1500th career point. He has two of the three goals (Brad Marchand has the other) for a 3-1 victory.


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