An Open Letter To the NHL

By Danny Shirey
hockey puck
Jerome Miron – US PRESSWIRE

Dear NHL,

Things have been going rough lately, as usual. Things look as if they are just going to get worse until eventually the season is lost, which could be very soon. As a loyal fan of yours, I wonder why you treat me as well as my fellow fanatics this way. What did we do to deserve a punishment as harsh as not being able to watch, talk about, or even enjoy hockey? The money you’re arguing about is mine. It’s mine, my neighbor’s, Joe Shmoe’s, it’s all of ours. We pay to watch hockey at games, and buy clothing and other officially licensed gear that just puts more dough in your wallet. We pay that because we love the game of hockey, and don’t know what to do without it.

We accepted the lockout seven years ago, and moved on, but a second lockout in that span is absolutely ridiculous. Gary Bettman, this is the only thing I have to say to you, and it’s that I despise you, and couldn’t ask for a worse commissioner. So, what are you going to do to satisfy me, or make me forgive you? I suggest you offer the NHL Center Ice Package *Drum roll please* for free.

Some hockey fans are unable to see players that they always read about, because maybe they can’t afford the Center Ice Package, or don’t get games because they’re out of market. I love to watch as many games as I can, so when you do finally give me the gift of hockey back, give it to me, and make it even sweeter than I can imagine by giving me more than I can handle.

I hope you take this into consideration, but you probably won’t because you’re ruled by an evildoer…

-Danny Shirey


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