Philadelphia Flyers 8th Most Valuable NHL Team

By David A. Cattai
Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

With the NHL Lockout still in full swing with financial differences, Forbes posted its yearly values of each NHL franchise. To the surprise of many, the Toronto Maple Leafs were the highest valued franchise in the league at $1 billion.

The Philadelphia Flyers, on the other hand, had moved up into the top ten and were ranked eighth at $336 million. The Flyers were the fifth-most valuable franchise among Eastern Conference teams and the second most valuable among teams in the Atlantic Division only behind the New York Rangers.

Forbes said that the Flyers made $124 million in total revenues last season. The magazine also noted that even though that the Flyers raised averaged ticket prices last season by 10%, which made them $67 or fifth most in the entire league, they still were able to sell out the Wells Fargo Center.

In fact, the Flyers sold out every home game and averaged an attendance of about 20,400 which is the third highest in the entire NHL. Along with the sell outs, the Flyers had the fifth-highest household views per game at 63,000 per game. This is what makes the Flyers an appealing franchise in the NHL.

Not only do the Flyers have such a great fan base and a stable organization, but they also have one of the youngest core rosters in the league. With Claude Giroux, who is arguably the next best player in the league, on their roster, the Flyers’ franchise was easily able to jump to the top ten.

All in all, the Flyers franchise may not be the most appealing in the league but they sure look as if they are on the immediate rise for the near future. Don’t be surprised to see them reach the top five some time soon.

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