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Dustin Penner Interns for Conan O’Brien


Dustin Penner is used to getting encouragement from Bailey, but right now he’s getting it from Conan O’Brien. Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been nearly six months since Dustin Penner and the Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup, but due to the ongoing NHL lockout, they have not yet been able to defend their title like champions should or even take the Staples Center ice for the first time as 2012 Stanley Cup champions.

Because of this, and the fact that Penner has not yet made any decisions about playing overseas for the time being, he has to occupy his time somehow. Enter Conan O’Brien, who tapes his show Conan out in L.A. Back in June, I remember him making some jokes about the crowds at the victory parade–spliced in with stock footage of empty, serene beaches with maybe one person sunbathing–but times have changed and now he’s shaken off those jokes to offer Penner a job.

Well, it’s an internship, but you know.

As an intern around the Conan office, Penner uses the skills he already has in new ways. He gut-punches someone who asks him when he’ll be done with the copy machine and then does the old ‘headless horseman’ trick with his shirt, intimidates a room full of fellow workers, checks a guy into the glass (window) and sits monitoring a pie baking in a toaster oven while wearing oversized oven gloves. When told Conan needs his pie right now, he drops the gloves and attacks. Then he’s seen sweeping the halls and wearing roller skates before fetching coffee for Andy Richter while still wearing the skates.

Here’s the video:

At the end, which is not shown in the video, O’Brien and Richter agree that Penner is doing a great job. Too bad there weren’t any pancake references.

Penner joins P.K. Subban and Kevin Bieksa as two locked-out players who have both tried their hand at being in broadcasting.