NHL and NHLPA Meeting to Reconvene With Progress Reported

By Matt Clouden
Brad Penner – US PRESSWIRE

The NHL and the NHLPA’s meeting will reconvene after a dinner break tonight with the Twitterverse reporting that both sides have said the meetings have been productive.

The meetings started around 2pm this afternoon with six owners and 18 players in attendance, with Bill Daly sitting in on the NHL side and Steve Fehr for the NHLPA side. Commissioner Gary Bettman and NHLPA head Don Fehr were present at the hotel the sides are meeting at, but have not taken part in the meeting, which had spanned about five and a half hours when the break started.

The players and owners alike both came out of the first part of the meetings with positive things to say. Here’s a few Twitter highlights from trusted sources:



The news from the meeting, while certainly vague, is encouraging nonetheless. Many labeled this meeting as a public relations move by the NHL and Bettman to again swing the public sentiment toward the owners, but it looks like there has been some traction in the meeting, and any traction is a positive sign right now. It has been said by numerous outlets that the Pittsburgh Penguins‘ delegation, which includes owner Ron Burkle, the face of the league Sidney Crosby, and also apparently co-owner Mario Lemieux and Crosby’s agent Pat Brisson, has helped make some headway in the talks:




This is likely a big factor in the positive inroads that have been made as many bemoaned the presence of the “bully” Jeremy Jacobs, the all-powerful owner of the Boston Bruins.

Many also believed that a player delegation of 18 could mean more harm than good, but it seems the delegation that includes Crosby, Ryan Miller, Shane Doan, Jonathan Toews. David Backes and Brad Richards, has helped the process as well.

More will certainly be available later tonight, but the overall mood in the hockey world is a bit more optimistic than it has been in weeks.


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