NHL Rumors: Season To Start December 20 With Announcement Friday

By Rob McMahon
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

A source has informed me that the NHL season will start on Dec. 20th and an announcement will be made on Friday after a final deal is worked out between the league and the NHLPA. Throughout the NHL lockout, it has been speculated many times as to when the season will resume and as talks continue this week between players and owners, a deal is looking to be close.

Of course there is always the chance of sources being wrong, but in times like these where fans are desperately seeking NHL action, we’re willing to hang on to any bit of hope given to us. The source has also reported in the past details of proposals by the players to the league and has for the most part been very accurate in the details down to the percentages being offered.

If a deal is announced by Friday, NHL training camps could resume as early as next week in preparation for the league start date of Dec. 20. With such short notice, players currently in Europe will have to return to report to their team’s training camps and physicals, putting aside any possible jetlag they may endure.

The question is: how will fans take to the return of the NHL? They could welcome it with open arms as they file into the leagues buildings as play resumes, or could stay away altogether. With the division championship banner set to be raised in Florida and Phoenix, the conference championship banner in New Jersey and a Stanley Cup banner in Los Angeles, you would think at least four cities will have a good turn out for at least the first game.

I’ll update as more unfolds on this rumor. Follow me on twitter at @RobMc82.

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