Fans Won't Return After NHL Lockout Ends

By Andy Schmidt
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

We are reaching near three months for the NHL and their lockout of the players. There has been talk of a settlement in recent days, but nothing has come out of it officially. I have even heard of the chance that the season could start on Christmas Day. That may rank up there with worst ideas of all time if that occurred with hockey having to face-off with the basketball games that day. If you think ratings were bad before, think about what this would do.

Hockey is at a point where an agreement needs to be done in the next week if the season is even going to play 50 games. It may be time for the NHL to just decide on a 50/50 split of revenues between the players and owners and get this over with. The players are not going to be up for this idea, as they were getting more before, but it sounds like neither side wants to talk as much as they need to so just make it 50/50.

The fans are going to have a hard time coming back in the numbers that were coming out before, but the NHL has to figure out what to do with that and gaining the fans’ trust back after nearly seeing two whole seasons go up in smoke in the last decade. I wait to see how Gary Bettman and the company dig themselves out of this hole.

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