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NHL Rumors: Is Steven Stamkos Considering Europe?


Is Steven Stamkos Heading Overseas?

Bruce Fedyck-US Presswire

As each day passes with no real progress in the NHL labor war everyone’s frustration level rises. For instance, players don’t know whether to stick close by or take off overseas. Many, such as the Washington CapitalsAlexander Ovechkin and Pittsburgh PenguinsEvgeni Malkin, headed to play overseas months ago. Others, like Penguins’ captain Sidney Crosby, Tampa Bay Lightning captain Vincent Lecavalier, alternate captain Martin St. Louis and star sniper Steven Stamkos, decided to wait things out with the hope a new deal would be struck quickly.

With no deal reached yet, and very little optimism that one will be agreed upon in the near future, even the most optimistic players have turned to looking elsewhere for a place to competitively play. Heck, who can blame them? A player needs to stay in game shape for when the season resumes, whenever that may be.

After news came out about a week ago that Crosby was considering playing in Europe, followed by another report just three days ago that he’s thinking about it more now than before with talks stalled, Stamkos stated that he’s also considering European options if this season looks to be in jeopardy. (Source: TSN)

Stamkos isn’t the only Lightning player considering options overseas. Fellow teammate St. Louis last summer said he’d consider Europe if no progress was being made. However, though keeping his options open, St. Louis now says he’d rather not make the move because his wife and three kids are in Tampa. (Source: Tampa Bay Times)

Will Stamkos bolt to Europe? Who knows? Furthermore, who’d blame him if he did? The only thing we know is if the NHL fails to reach a deal, thus costing the league another full season, Crosby and Stamkos probably won’t be the only players flocking overseas for playing time!