From Switzerland, Patrick Kane Offers Lockout Apology

By Krista Golden
Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

As some of the European leagues prepare to take a week-long break, Patrick Kane is preparing to return to Chicago for the week. But before that, he decided to apologize to NHL fans back home.

In a video posted by SNTV on Youtube, Kane briefly mentioned the labor negotiations before talking about rink size, which he thinks is the biggest difference in playing on international ice. “It’s a lot wider than we’re used to, but it’s a good thing too. It could be good for training purposes to get your conditioning and endurance down. When you go back home the ice seems smaller and easier to get around on so…but it’s good too, you got a lot of room to make plays, you get the puck a lot in positions where you can get a lot of speed and move up the ice pretty quick. So, I’ve enjoyed it pretty much.”

Then the tone of the video turned a bit somber. “[To] the fans in North America, we want to say that we’re sorry this lockout stuff is going on,” Kane said as he looked into the camera. “It’s tough on all of us as players. I know that as fans, it’s tough for you guys, too. We’re hoping it gets done quick and I can play in front of you guys again. We hope that you guys come back once the game does start.”

Kane, who has seven goals and 15 points in 12 games with EHC Biel, was quoted earlier in the week by a journalist from the Journal du Jura as saying that he would be returning to Chicago on Sunday but was unsure if he would return to Switzerland, but that was before CBA negotiations this week turned sour. He’s signed up to play with HC Davos during the Spengler Cup tournament at the end of the month.

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