Boston Pizza Stands Up for NHL Fans in NHL Lockout

By Emma Harger
Photo by Bull-Doser via Wikimedia Commons, used with permission.

Boston Pizza, one of Canada’s largest pizza chains, is taking a stand with regards to the ongoing NHL lockout.

In a letter drafted on official company letterhead, dated Dec. 8 and released via their official Twitter account and Facebook page, the company calls for an end to the impasse in the name of their fans and customers.

“Okay, guys, the joke is getting old,” it begins. “Can we please get back to playing?”

The letter mentions that, over the past few months, Boston Pizza restaurants across the country have been full of football, basketball and even curling fans, but they say things could be better if hockey fans were able to dust off their NHL jerseys, start using slang like “dangles” and “monster” in their proper context again, and not have to placate themselves with reruns of old games.

But then Boston Pizza ups the ante. They offer a meeting space, plus endless chicken wings and beer, to the NHL and NHLPA if they can sit down and finally end the lockout, adding “don’t worry; we’ll avoid pizza so you don’t argue over the toppings.”

One final emotional appeal comes from tying in the fact that Christmas is around the corner, so an end to the lockout could make a very nice present indeed.

Click here to read the whole letter.

Boston Pizza is a big sponsor of the NHL and, during the 2011 Stanley Cup run, temporarily changed their name twice to keep in line with local emotions. First, in Montreal, the chain ‘became’ Montreal Pizza and the name change was even noted on ads on the boards during quarterfinal matchups between the hometown Canadiens and the Boston Bruins. The same thing happened during the finals, except this time they morphed into Vancouver Pizza in British Columbia locations to salute the Vancouver Canucks.

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