In Depth Look: Paul "Biznasty" Bissonnette

By Danny Shirey


Matt Kartozian – USA Today Sports

Paul Bissonnette, one of, or possibly the most outspoken player in the NHL, has kept fans entertained via Twitter and Instagram while the lockout continues. Bissonnette has never played a full season in the NHL, and the 2003 4th-round draft pick, probably never will. The grinder, who scored on his first shift of EIHL hockey during the lockout, has potted just 5 career goals.

Bissonnette, by the looks of his Instagram pictures, loves to have a good time. Almost every morning you will know exactly what he did last night, and he’s okay with that. He has posted pictures of him and Wayne Gretzy’s daughter, him and his friends, and most recently has been the common trend of him photobombing passed out people on the streets of Wales. His laid-back, do whatever you feel like doing demeanor is very entertaining and exciting for fans. It is a different view of the life of a hockey player. Where most players, regardless of what they do in their spare time, don’t tend to let their personalities shine as bright as Biznasty does.

The best part about following along with Bissonnette, is that he is the first person to make fun of himself, and does it often. About 10 days ago he posted a twitter direct message conversation between himself and Evgeni Malkin. It was a short conversation, but definitely one that showed the funny personality of Malkin, and the unabashed personality of Bissonnette. He sent the message, “Geno you need a left winger in Russia if the lockout goes all year?” to Malkin. Malkin then responded roughly an hour later with, “need but not you))).” The 3 end-parenthesis, to my knowledge is what European’s use to represent a smiley face.

I’d love to see Bissonnette’s lifestyle when he’s in his later years, so I hope teams keep him around, even if he is, “Everyone’s favorite 4th-line plug.” -Paul Bissonnette.

Fan comments on Biznasty:

Randy Holt: He only has 5 more NHL goals than I do.

Matt Clouden: I think the players connectedness to the fans with this lockout, especially via Twitter, has helped keep a lot more fans in the loop than they would have been able to thus far without it, and he obviously has a huge part in that

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